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Smell, and the Brain; My Oil Experience!

Ok, so I am the type of person that has always had a strong sense of memory recall as a result of smells. Certain smells will evoke reminiscence, joy, and positive emotion. But I have found, in my essential oil journey, that smells are overwhelmingly important to me, especially the ones that take me to a place and time full of happiness, laughter, and peace. I use them in many ways, diffusing in my home, at work, and during my yoga practice. But here are my “sense of smell” stories:
One of the first moments that I realized a smell could bring on a very strong emotional reaction was when I had started a new job in an organization that had an onsite gym with the nicest dressing/shower rooms and towels available onsite. I had my early morning workout, took my shower, and upon grabbing the towel and bringing to my face to dry the drops of water, I took a whiff. Imagine feeling like you are Michael J. Fox as you jump into your silver DeLorean and jet back to 1969 to the smell of your grandm…

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