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February 14

Today is considered by most, a holiday. But dates are just markers in time that we share with lots of other humans. A date is not exclusive to you or me. We may share a birthday with someone, or an anniversary. Someone close to us may have passed on a holiday that in turn makes that holiday difficult. But a date is just a date, a mark in time. I wish I had realized this years ago, and yet sometimes still, I have to remind myself. 
I have had a love/hate relationship with today’s date my whole life. Well until a few years ago when I finally embraced that each day is to be celebrated and we all share dates with everyone in the world. My “thing” is not any more important than anyone else’s “thing” on any given date. But Valentine’s Day can be hard for many. Here is my date association story.
Growing up the gawky teenager, the one who never had a boyfriend (well until almost a senior in high school), the one who always had the crush but was never “crushed on”, I hated the holiday because…

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