God and My Girlfriends….A new movement

So, my mind has been on my girlfriends lately and that is no accident. In early February I was sitting in church and heard God say, “Be prepared to tell your story because I am going to have you tell it.” Later that day I received a message from a dear hometown girlfriend who was one of the songwriters of the song “God and My Girlfriends” which happens to be featured on Reba McIntire’s Grammy Award Winning Album SING IT NOW:  SONGS OF FAITH AND HOPE. That message was about a calling on her heart to start a women’s movement and ministry based on the lyrics of this song. A movement and ministry supporting, encouraging, mentoring, and ministering to women. She felt led to ask me to be a part of it.

Just so you know, I have been a Christian for as long as I can remember. I was saved when I was 9 at church camp. But I have never heard God speak to me until that moment. Close to 50 years as a Christian and I have never felt that I’ve heard God speak to me until then. But it was very clear, almost audible. It was a direct and defined message that was confirmed later that same day.
As you can imagine, my mind has been on God AND my girlfriends over the last couple of months as a result. As we plan our first GAMG event for May 20th in Nashville, Tennessee, I am so reminiscent of many years of special friends. But I am also so grateful for this opportunity to be a part of something so inspiring. You see, not only did my friend ask me to be a part of this endeavor, but she asked me to speak at the first event; evidence that God has given me a direct request to share my story and in this venue. But I get to share my story of my many girlfriends and how they have had a major impact on my life.
I have always joked that I have enough life stories for 50 shows of Oprah, but all of them include God and my girlfriends. Without either, I would have been a total mess of a wreck in any of these life events and would not have come through with the faith, love, and hope that my life is about today. From my hometown girlfriends who have been there for me for 50 years, to my girlfriend of the last 18 years who has been with me through some of life’s worst turmoil.

The words from the song that ring so true for me are:

God and my girlfriends
They're always there when
I'm feeling down, always around, lifting me up
I love how they know me, forgive me, and show me
Again and again, I can depend
On God on and my girlfriends

Probably the “forgive me and show me” words ring the truest! My girlfriends have always forgiven me of my sins, faults and short-comings, but they have always “shown me” the way in my darkest of times. Without my faith and belief that God has me covered and is in “all” things and my girlfriends to back that up, I would be a continual hot mess.

So, as I prepare for May 20, I am mindful, grateful, reminiscent, thankful, and all of the above, for the redemption and grace of my Lord and savior Jesus Christ, and for my girlfriends that remind me each day of what it means to forgive each other, support each other, and depend on each other. What would we be without our girlfriends? We hope to create a movement that supports the faith, hope, and love that our God and our girlfriends provide and that this movement is supportive and encouraging to women of all ages! Will you join us?
God prepare me for the message, the fellowship, and the movement to support others. We are following your lead! You come first in the equation….God and My Girlfriends!


  1. Love this SO MUCH! I'm so grateful our journey's have collided in a big way as we plan this new movement together! Love you girl!

    1. Marcia, I cannot express the gratitude I feel. Journey's colliding is so RIGHT! He has put us on a pretty amazing path together! Thank you! Love you, too, my friend!!


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