Girl, Watch Where You Walk

Girl, Watch Where You Walk!

In a season of authors who are telling us to “wash our face”, “get some sleep”, and to “get your $*** together” my mom is telling me to “Watch Where You Walk!” And that is GREAT advice!

As I’ve aged and had orthopedic issues, I have had weaknesses that have caused me to fall more than a few times in the last year. And while I thought I was going crazy, a friend reminded me that I just needed some “reflex training”.

Wow! What a parallel to life! How many of us truly need some “reflex training”??? REALLY????

How do I respond to negativity? How to you I respond to adversity? How do I respond to the world when it gives me lemons? That is the same! The same as “reflex training”! How do we respond to the junk thrown our way?

I had two knee surgeries last year that created a weakness I wasn’t expecting. And now a year later, I have fallen four times. I need to work on my strength and my reflexes so that I catch myself. I need to improve the chances that if I trip up, I will not fall, but I will react in a way that saves the fall.

Are we prepared for falls in life? Are we training our mind and our bodies for being tripped up? Are we going deep into God’s word, being prayerful each day, are we in community with others who inspire us to respond and react in a way that helps us recover from life’s pitfalls?

This fall smacked me hard in the face! Concrete - meet my nose and forehead! Blood, black eyes, and all. And I realized that being in a hurry, not slowing to listen to God’s direction, taking on too much, was a wake up call in the midst of a concrete floor disaster! Black eyes and all.

My Mom said, “Girl, watch where you walk!” And what an awe-inspiring statement.

Not only do I need to physically “watch where I walk” I need to do it figuratively, too. I need to slow down, smell the roses, see God’s work, and let Him guide me, slowly, surely, and intentionally. If I don’t, I may miss something. And having poor reflexes that make me miss opportunities only compounds the issue!

What are you missing? Are you keeping your reflexes trained and in shape? Are you reading all of the popular books, staying up with the latest in inspiration? But in addition, are you in His word, taking time to meditate and pray each day? And are you watching where YOU walk? God has some amazing messages for us, and some beautiful paintings, some incredible canvases that are our lives, and we have to move slowly and intently enough to see them. We have to keep our reflexes strong. If we don’t, He may introduce us to something we don’t want to see….like a concrete floor.

“Watch Where You Walk” is more than a metaphor for life. It IS great advice! Think of what you may miss if you don’t!


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