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I LOVE Styled Shoots!

After deciding to launch into floral design "semi" full-time, I was introduced to something called a "Styled Shoot" and have had the pleasure of designing for two in the last year. I love them for a few reasons:1. I get to be as creative as I want! My vision can play out! 2. I have the privilege of working with other amazing creatives! 3. I end up with some amazing shots of my work for marketing purposes. So what is a styled shoot, you ask?"A styled shoot is a collective, group effort between a variety of vendors coming together to produce a BEAUTIFUL mock wedding, or other grand event. The idea behind a styled shoot is to showcase the talents of the vendors and to express their creativity in new and exciting ways! This type of shoot provides a creative challenge of pushing the boundaries of what can be done. Whoever coordinates the shoot comes up with a theme or style and color palette. Then the vendors collaborate to create the vision, everyone comes together f…

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