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Political Leashes? Cut them loose!

Many know that my husband is running for Mayor of Indianapolis, and many hear our stories from the campaign trail. But something that continues to hurt my heart is the pain that I see in the faces of people that work within the political framework, for one party affiliation or another, or who work in county or city government who feel one way but are stifled or controlled in another, who want to sign, and can't. The following are stories of conversations that describe what we are hearing.
When we approach people to ask if they will sign the petition to get John on the ballot in November (not asking for their vote, just for ballot access), many sign immediately because they are ready for a change. They want something outside of the typical two party options and they are for citizens being called into service to run for office. Yet some have signed only to come back 20 minutes later pleading that we remove any evidence of their names. One person demanded that we remove the name bec…

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