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Choosing a Wedding Vendor vs. Looking for a Job

Ok, so I consider myself a recovering HR Executive. Yes, I was in Human Resources for 25+ years and the last handful of those years as a VP of HR for a large organization. In my years of experience with people, hiring, firing, and the like, I regularly got the questions like, “Why did I not get that promotion?” or “Why was I not hired?” and “What were you looking for that I did not have in my experience of education?” All very fair questions. Questions that should be answered. And when they are, they give the person asking, things to work on in the future to either get the promotion or the job. Would it be right to “ghost” these people and not answer them at all? So then why is it appropriate to ghost a wedding vendor? I am one now. I left corporate America and HR behind to live a more creative life and ghosting has happened to me and many others that I work with. How is that different in this profession than that of corporate America? It isn’t.
The wedding industry is very “date” dr…

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