Happy Mother's Day!!

Happy Mother’s Day!
To the most amazing mom
a girl could ever have!
 Today, I had the honor and privilege of delivering flowers to a special mom, from her daughter for Mother’s Day. In the moment of making them, and delivering them, it made me wish that I had the privilege of doing so for my mom. I can’t. Not because she isn’t with us, because she IS! Feisty as ever and turning 80 in November. But she lives in Arkansas and I live in Indiana. You may think, “why don’t you just send her flowers like most do?” I do flowers and she longs for my designs. I do flowers for parties, weddings, and yes, funerals. But my mom lives so far away, I don’t have the luxury of designing for her.

There have been many times that she has seen pictures of my work on social media and she has said, “I’ve gotten flowers from people, but it just isn’t the same. Your designs are just so unique, and I wish I could get the flowers that YOU have designed.”

So today, as I created and designed for another special daughter’s mom, I designed as if they were for my mom, Eddie Lou. A special, amazing mom who deserves the world.

As I delivered the flowers, I was invited in and I had no idea what a blessing it would be. It was as if God had sent this angel mom to share part of her day with me talking about the world we live in, spirituality, contemplative living, authors we love in common, and living in community.

I thought about what a conversation may be like in my mom and dad’s home if someone was delivering to them. It would most likely be very similar. They may invite them in for coffee or a glass of wine. And they would most likely have an inspiring story to tell. 

This woman was such a blessing to me! We committed to stay in touch and get coffee and/or a chat very soon. The flowers, made with the love and care that would have been used if they were for MY mom, were used for another’s. I was to be the one delivering a blessing for a daughter to the “most amazing mom a girl could have” and yet I was reminded of mine, and blessed with another, that I hope to see again someday soon.



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